Make-Up, Cancellation, Refund, and Reward Policy

Policies of Tonewood Family Music’s Music Together®® classes:

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Four make-up classes per semester are allowed. Make-ups can be made at any of the other offered classes in the semester. To schedule a make-up class, please use the "Family Portal" link on the homepage.  You can schedule a make-up class either before or after the class you intend to miss. (i.e. you may attend a weekday class if you plan to miss your regularly scheduled weekend class.) Classes that have not been made-up will not carry over to the next semester, nor be refunded.

CANCELLATIONS: Major holidays or extreme weather will cause the cancellation of certain classes. We will make every effort to give you 24 hours notice that your class has been cancelled. In most circumstances, the semester will be extended by one week in order to accommodate each missed class. In certain instances, this extension will not be possible and a make-up class will be offered at another time and/or location instead.

REFUNDS: A full refund is only allowed before the second class and provided that the semester materials are returned unopened and unmarked. There will be a $40.00 fee if the materials are not returned or returned damaged. After the second class, a partial refund is available for special exceptions involving inability to finish the semester due to extenuating circumstances. At that point in the semester, materials will not be returnable and the $40 fee plus $12 (+$12/each sibling) per class attended shall apply.

SWITCHING CLASSES: Due to the limitations on class sizes (min. of 6 children – max. of 12 children), switching class times, dates, or locations will only be allowed if it does not change our ability to offer the class in which you are currently enrolled.

PROBLEMS WITH CLASS OR A TEACHER: Any concerns that you may have about the quality of your class should be taken to your Teacher or brought to the Director of Tonewood Family Music, Inc. Problems with a Teacher should be brought to the Director. We are committed to bringing you the best possible experience and will happily work with you to find a solution to your problem.

“SING OUR PRAISES” REWARD PROGRAM: Once you have become a student of Music Together® through Tonewood Family Music, Inc., we want you to come back again and again – and bring lots of friends. We will make it easier for you to do so by offering you $15 off your next semester for every family that uses your name as a referral and stays past the second week of class – up to the cost of the semester. The reward monies will come as a credit to your account. Only the person specifically named on the registration form will qualify for the reward, so please make sure to tell your friends to use your name when they register.