Guitar For Grownups
David Ford
Tonewood Family Music (location map)
Thursday, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
01/21/21 - 03/11/21 (8 weeks)


Open to enrolled parents and caregivers of children enrolled in the Parent/Child classes. Classes run for 8 weeks; each class is 60-minutes long and the tuition is $110. Please bring your own guitar, capo, and tuner. This class uses a developmental approach to teaching chords and strums, starting with one-finger chords and simple down-strums, and working up to full-finger chords and more complex strums and picking. Classes are "mixed-stage" -- open to beginners and those who already know a little guitar. The teaching approach enables more advanced students to learn and model alongside beginners, semester after semester. Students receive a collection-specific Guitar Workbook each semester, with an instructional guide, chord charts, and workbook pages for over a dozen songs. Practicing at home strengthens your ability and encourages your child's musical growth. There is a minimum of three students and a maximum of seven for each class.

Upcoming Meetings
01/21/21    7:00 PM Thursday 01/21/21 7:00 PM
01/28/21    7:00 PM Thursday 01/28/21 7:00 PM
02/04/21    7:00 PM Thursday 02/04/21 7:00 PM
02/11/21    7:00 PM Thursday 02/11/21 7:00 PM
02/18/21    7:00 PM Thursday 02/18/21 7:00 PM
02/25/21    7:00 PM Thursday 02/25/21 7:00 PM
03/04/21    7:00 PM Thursday 03/04/21 7:00 PM
03/11/21    7:00 PM Thursday 03/11/21 7:00 PM